How Long Does It Take to Make My Website?

It can take roughly 3-4 weeks. However, we are working towards 2 weeks.

How do we communicate throughout the process?

We primarily contact through text and E-mail.

Will you buy stock images for me?

All of our photos are provided by the client or from royalty free images online.

How much is Hosting?

Hosting fees for you will be between $15-40 monthly. We host all of our websites through SiteGround. Integration is made easy and you will receive an email after completion.

Can you edit my pre-built site?

It depends on the type of website. If it is WordPress, we will charge services based on the assistance needed.

What is my website?

It is a Single-Page WordPress Website with additional custom HTML when needed.

Do you do SEO?

Currently, we do not provide SEO services.

How will you write content in my website?

Client’s slogan, about me, and other page text will be provided by the client. Additional cost will be applied if client would like newly written content.

What is the payment schedule?

%50 deposit is required in the beginning

%25 deposit after first draft

%25 desposit after completion

Can I update my website once it is done?

Yes, if you have any further inquires we can provide maintenance. This service will be priced on a scale for each task needed.


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